Saturday, 3 December 2016

Some Random Facts_2

1.       There's a book called "Everything men know about a women" that is just 120 blank pages.
2.       The middle finger has been used as a derogatory gesture for at least 2400 years.
3.       Favorable views of the U.S. around the world rose from a median of 51% in George W. Bush's final year in office to 66% during Obama's final 2 years.
4.       German citizens can travel to 177 territories without a visa nor a visa given on arrival, the most in the world.
5.       The Mongol Empire at maximum extend included more than a fifth of the entire world.
6.       Fidel Castro led Cuba for five decades and was the world's third longest-serving head of state, after Britain's Queen Elizabeth and the King of Thailand.
7.       Despite assassination plots, an invasion and five decades of economic sanctions, Fidel Castro outlasted nine U.S. presidents, from Eisenhower to Clinton.
8.       Fidel Castro holds the record for the longest speech ever delivered to the United Nations: 4 hours and 29 minutes, on Sept. 26, 1960.
9.       The white stain on the surface of the famous painting "The Scream" is candle wax.
10.   In Iceland, you can hand-draw a map on a piece of mail withoutan address, and it will still make it to its destination.
11.    Tony the Tiger, Kellogg's Frosties mascot, once asked followers to stop sending him anthropomorphic animal porn via Twitter.
12.   A newborn panda weighs less than an iPhone .
13.   25 million small producers rely on coffee for a living worldwide.
14.   Men who drink 6 or more cups of coffee daily decrease their risk of developing prostate cancer by 20%, a study found.
15.   US$1.96 billion worth of boats were sold in Florida in 2013, the leading state in boats.
16.   Florida has the largest collection of Art Deco and Streamline Modern buildings in the world.
17.   Florida has 131 public airports.
18.   Drug companies spend 24% of revenue on marketing and just 13%on research and development.
19.   Democide, the murder of citizens by their own government, surpassed war as the leading cause of non-natural death in the 20th century.
20.   The dress worn by Marilyn Monroe during filming of The Misfits sold for US$66,000.

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